Health & Safety Policies

Health & Safety Policies

Safety is a Priority!

It is important that every individual make safety a priority, as most accidents can be prevented.

Policies for Assignees and Employees (include but are not limited to):

  • Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • All Staff Plus employees shall work and conduct themselves in a safe manner and comply with all company rules, policies and procedures
  • Violating any safety rules or practices or engaging in any conduct that tends to create or may create a hazard is prohibited
  • All Staff Plus employees must complete a WHMIS training program.
  • Assignees and Employees must use or wear any equipment, protective devices or clothing required by the employer according to instructions provided by supervisors
  • Immediately report to the supervisor any known missing or defective equipment or protective device that may be dangerous
  • Immediately report any known workplace hazard to the supervisor
  • Immediately report any known violation of the Occupational Health & Safety Act or regulations to the supervisor
  • Immediately report any accident, incident or injury to himself/herself or any other individual in the workplace to the supervisor

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