HSA Training

MANDATORY HS Awareness Training 2014

Staff Plus has always worked diligently with its workforce to help keep our employees safe. In 2014 the Ministry of Labour (MOL) has implemented a program that requires ALL workers to complete a basic health and safety awareness training program prior to being sent out to work. All Staff Plus Associates will need to complete and provide proof that they have completed the training. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE TRAINING.


What is the new Legislation about?

The new government initiative is aimed at improving both the health and safety for workers in Ontario. The training will provide information aimed to help keep workers safe while covering the rights and responsibilities of Employers, Supervisors and workers.

When does it take effect?

July 1, 2014

Who needs to do the training?

Everyone who is defined as a “worker” under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) must complete a basic awareness training program. If you are a Supervisor, there is specific training for this category. If you are a supervisor you must complete the Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Training

How do I do the training; how long does it take; is there a cost?

The training is free and can be done online and will take approximately 1 hour to complete through the Ministry of Labour website.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A COPY OF YOUR TRAINING CERTIFICATE FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS as the Ministry of Labour will not keep a copy on file. You must provide a copy of your training certificate to Staff Plus as proof that you have completed the training. COMPLETE TRAINING NOW.

Will I need to provide proof that I completed the training?

Yes, Staff Plus will require a copy of the certificate either via email, fax, or a copy dropped off at the nearest Staff Plus office for our records.

Will workers need to redo the training if they change Employers?

No as long as they keep their Training Certificate. However, workers will need to provide proof that they completed the training program.

Will I be eligible to work if I do not complete the training?

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has made the health and safety awareness training MANDATORY. The training will need to be completed before you begin work.


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